Challenge 16

Challenge purpose: Out of autoclave panels

About the challenge

Many TPC components in aerospace are consolidated by controlled heating of stacked and assembled material pieces. ​The goal is to develop new faster and cheaper methods to manufacture doubly curved panels containing stiffeners.​

Main section of application:

  • Aeronautics

Main cross-cutting topics:

  • Manufacturing & assembly

Scope of the challenge

Many TPC panels in aerospace components are manufactured in an autoclave in order to consolidate appropriately. This requires long cycle times and hence large manufacturing costs.​

  • Dimensions 2000 x 2000 mm​

  • Double curvature​

  • Typical production volume: thousands per year​

  • Stiffeners in both length and transverse direction​

  • Material: Woven Carbon/PEKK

Challenge objectives

Develop a new out of autoclave manufacturing method for stiffened panels.

  • Determine affordable production method, including cycle time estimate ​

  • Determine manufacturing costs 5.000 pc/y respectively (business case)​

  • Make one demonstrator piece

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