Challenge 2

Challenge purpose: Cost-effective components for aero and auto transportation with flame properties and low impact features

About the challenge:

Challenge summary

In the new competitive scenario of Aircraft Interiors, Automotive and Rail application composite and polymeric materials play a relevant role. Expansion is mostly linked to process reliability and cost-effectiveness, but nowadays also environmental and Lifecycle Management (including environmental footprint) have a stronger relevance for Tier1 supporting OEMs.The aim is to achieve capabilities to develop new product line solutions ensuring structural requirements, flame resistance and smoke behaviour of the materials, based on new circular economy materials.

Main section of application:

  • Automotive

  • Aerospace

Main cross-cutting topics:

  • Design & smart functions

  • Material supply & development

  • Manufacturing & assembly

  • Recycling

Scope of the challenge

  • Recycling, Circular Economy Materials for aircraft interiors and autobus secondary structures (flame and smoke resistant composite technologies; LiPO batteries envelops)

  • High performance composites

Challenge objectives

  • Effective Composite Airframe and Components

  • Low Impact Composites, Circular Economy Materials

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