Challenge 22

Challenge purpose: Design space optimisation – reducing connection joints in large assemblies

Main section of application:

  • Automotive

Main cross-cutting topics:

  • Material supply & development

  • Characterization & modelling

  • Design & smart functions​

  • Manufacturing & assembly

Scope of the challenge

  • As mentioned earlier, many topology optimisations start from a given design space, indicated by the engineer. In this design space, the non-design space such as connection joints should be predefined by the engineer. ​

Challenge objectives

  • CNHi would like to challenge this assumption and is looking for an optimization method that can also optimize / size the amount and position of the individual connection points of the component. ​

  • They hope, to save more weight on heavy connection joints by smart positioning and selection of the right joints. ​

Can you provide a solution to this challenge?

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