Challenge 6

Challenge purpose: Automotive large body parts by 3d printed composites

About the challenge

Additive manufacturing is an emerging technology with a huge potential not exploited in car production yet. It is expected the adoption of high-performance composite materials combined with an optimized design can lead to a weight reduction compared to standard processes solutions for the production of large parts in the body.

CRF(are search centre of Stellantis company) is interested in evaluating and assess new technological solutions based on 3d printing to produce car parts.

Main section of application:

  • Automotive

  • Possibly replicable to other sectors: maritime, rail…

Main cross-cutting topics:

  • Design & smart functions

  • Manufacturing & assembly

Scope of the challenge

  • Use of 3d printing technology to replace large car parts (spoiler, fender, pillar,….)when requested for car personalization (special models, sports versions,…) without huge cost for new tooling.

  • Use of structural composite to reach cost-effective solutions with expected performances at a lower weight.

  • A part redesign can be needed due to the change of technology.

Challenge objectives

  • Weight reduction: -30% compared to steel parts, -10% compared to plastic parts

  • Cycle time compatible with > 5000 parts for year

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