Lightweight challenges in the automotive and aeronautic sectors from potential end-users that are willing to test innovative solutions in North-West Europe.



RIGHTWEIGHT challenge providers range from various OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers including those shown below

Challenge 1

Novel interiors cabin design for greenest Aircraft

Challenge 2

Cost-effective components for aero and auto transportation with flame properties and low impact features

Challenge 3

The design and development of a bench frame for the second row of seating in a Light Commercial Vehicle in composite material

Challenge 4

Virtual optimisation of composite plies (direction and thickness) in the function of loads

Challenge 5

To find an innovative process to recycle composite materials

Challenge 6

Automotive large body parts by 3d printed composites

Challenge 7

Fostering automotive light-weighting structural parts using biocomposites

Challenge 8

Multifunctional Composite Materials

Challenge 9

Materials and technology development for cryogenic tank applications

Challenge 10

Cost-effective lightweight design and tool-less manufacturing for an Air Intake duct of ECS application

Challenge 11

High Performance Lightweight Materials for AeroStructures

Challenge 12

Lightweight guidance plate for crops with strong abrasive resistance

Challenge 13

Topology optimisation on shell elements to strategically cut out material from metal sheets

Challenge 14

Repair of composite RTM parts​

Challenge 15

Sustainable Green composites for aircraft cabin interior

Challenge 16

Out of autoclave panels​

Challenge 17

Automotive lightweight parts based on post consumer recycled plastic

Challenge 18

Advanced Components (ETSO) for an all electric composite aircraft

Challenge 19

High Performance Lightweight Materials & Structures for electromagnetic windows

Challenge 20

Multi-system and body topology optimisation with occasional load bursts

Challenge 21

Accelerated production methods for lightweight aluminium alloys ​

Challenge 22

Design space optimisation - reducing connection joints in large assemblies

Challenge 23

Improved recyclability and carbon footprint of thermoplastic extruded and pultruded interior

Challenge 24

New crash floor solutions for buses

Challenge 25

Innovative aluminium lightweight components for green road mobility

More challenges to be announced soon!

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